Role of a Security Guard

Role of a Security guard

The first role of a security guard is to keep the family and business premises safe and eliminate the upcoming threats and dangers. Security guards are always responsible for for protecting the client’s family and business premises and always trying to reduce the criminal activities and security guards should always keeping close eyes on every single activity and should make every possible efforts to eliminate threats . They provides their services in schools , hospitals , Shopping malls , colleges and various other institutes . Today in this blog I will tell you all about security guards . So lets get started .

Firstly we all should know

What is a Security Guard ?

A Security guard is a person who ensure the security of clients family and his business premises . He is responsible for maintaining discipline in the premises and If any unnecessary incident happens in the premises , then the security guard is responsible for it. The security guard should always be alert and should keep a close eye on every activity and should always be ready to minimize the risk and protect the family and client’s Business premises

What are the roles and responsibilities of a security guard ?

There are following roles and responsibilities of a security guard – These are as follows.

1.) Security check post – The security guard should do their work with honesty and he should allow only authorised customers to enter in the premises after checking id card of the customer . And he should keep eye on every single customer who enter or exit in the business premises .

CCTV Surveillance – With the use of CCTV cameras the security guard should keep close eyes on customers activities and always be ready to eliminate upcoming threats .

Capable to Protect – The security guard should be capable to eliminate the threats and help the emergency team to minimize the risk of customers and business premises.

Reduce the crime – The security guard is always responsible for any suspicious activity so the security guard should always tring to minimize the crime in the premises and should take every possible step to reduce the crime in the business premises .

Customer services – The security guard provide right direction to visitors and customers and give their hundred percent to make the journey easy to the customers and visitors by giving answer to the visitors questions.

Why the role of security guards are important in our life ?

The role of security guards is important in our lives for the following reasons. Here are some of the most important reasons:

Protection of Business premises : Security guards ensure the security of business premises by monitoring for theft, and other criminal activity. They keep a close eye on every single activity .
Clients’s personal security: Security guards ensures the personal security of clients and their family by monitoring for suspicious activity .

Crowd Control: Security guards can help manage large crowds and prevent the chances of crimes such as – theft or snitching .and they also can be helpful in maintaing the event management and not let the rules to be broken.They can also ensure that people are following the rules and regulations of an event or location.

Surveillance: Security guards can use CCTV surveillance and other latest devices to monitor for upcoming threats and suspicious behavior. This can help prevent upcoming crimes before they occur.
Overall, security guards play an important role in keeping people and property safe. They provide a sense of security and help prevent crime , thefts and robbery from occurring.

What are the training are required to make a security guard ?

The training required to become a security guard can vary depending on the specific job requirements.There are some of the common types of training of security guards may be required :

Basic Security Training: This training covers the fundamentals of security, including topics like CCTV surveillance techniques, how the security guards handle emergency situations, and basic legal knowledge of guarding.

First Aid: Security guards should have well knowledge about first aid box and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in case of medical emergencies.

Fire and Safety: Guards may also need to be trained in fire and safety, including how to use fire extinguishers and how to save people in case of a fire.

Self-Defense and Physical Training: Guards must need to be trained in self-defense techniques and physical fitness to handle vast situations where they need to use their mind to protect themselves or others.

Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential for security guards, so they should need training in verbal and nonverbal communication techniques for better communication with custmers and viewers.

Legal Knowledge: Security Guards should have well knowledge about the legal aspects of their job, such as their rights and responsibilities, and the laws and regulations that govern their work.

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