Security Guard Services in Gurgaon

If you are looking for professional   Security guard services in the city of  Gurgaon? Available 24×7 for your protection, then you are at the right place. Choose from a wide range of security personnel which suits your business .Our security guards mainly provide their security guard services in gurgaon and in the area of Delhi NCR .  Grab our services at affordable and Reliable cost, call us: +919868789912

On-site Guarding

Our Security professionals ensure the safety of your family and they can easily eliminate upcoming danger or theft .

Mobile Guarding

Our Guards have own vehicles for your safety , night petrolling and to come and go on various sites .

Remote Guarding

With the focus of remote guarding we strive to build better relationships with our clients .

Best security guard services in Gurgaon

Security guard services in Gurgaon

Meet our team of professional security guards. They look, unique and highly motivated about their work, Our Security guards are capable to stand for long hours and ensure the safety of your business premises from unwanted thefts or dangers. With the capability of long-standing experience, our security guards play an important role to secure your business.

Armed Security Services -VM9 Services

Armed Security Services

These are our security guards with latest weapons and they keeps a close eye on every single moment .We have a team of experienced or licensed Armed security officers who are from defense background as retired from paramilitary and police and who easily recognizes harmful activity and is very adept at eliminating it .

PSO Officers - VM9 Services

PSO Officers

Our PSO Officers are very intelligent who closely observes the activities happening around the client and can easily sense the danger that may occur and has the ability to eliminate it.

Fire and Safety - VM9 Services

Fire and Safety and CCTV

We have a team of CCTV monitoring they can keep a close eye on every single moment happening in the business premises and they can easily found the unwanted activity . Our Fire and safety team have skillful members who can easily control on fire and they capable to reduce the danger .

Bouncer Services - VM9 Services

Bouncer Services

We provides Bouncer services to our clients according to clients needs Our Bouncers are capable to handle the crowd and they are very focused and dedicated about their work .

Parking Management - VM9 Services

Parking Management

The core element of our parking management team to help the Businesses to use their parking area in a efficient way and our team reduce the chances of theft of vehicles . Our team always do their work with honesty and in a proper way.

Valet Services - VM9 Services

Valet Services

We have a team of well experienced drivers who can drive your car in day and night as well. Our drivers make you feel special with their friendly nature and make your day memorable .

Event Management - VM9 Services

Event Management

Our Event management team can not let the rules break at any cost . They are well experienced security personals who can easily handle crowd and they contribute significantly to the success of the event.

Executive Protective Services - VM9 Services

Executive Protective Services

Our Executive Protective team ensure the security of the clients and they never let the client alone . They take every possible step to secure the client in crowded place or in any event .

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We provide safety and Security of your family and Business premises as well. Secure your home and premises with one of the best security services providers in Gurgaon and in the area of Delhi NCR at a reliable and Efficient prices. Costumer Satisfaction is Our First priority.

Major points of our Security Guard Services in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

There are following factors which make us best security services providers in gurgaon from any other security guards services company in Gurgaon. We provide services according to customer needs and at reasonable prices.

Security guard services in Gurgaon

24/7 security services

Our security Guards are always ready to help you and every panic situation. They are capable to minimize the upcoming risk.

Crowd Control

Our Executive protection team protects you in every crowded place, and they ensure the security of you at every place whatever in a live concert, or you are in crowded area.

Legal Action

Our Security guards keep a close eye on every single activity and if they found anyone in fault than they have power to take legal action towards him .

Security Guards

Patrol Techniques

Our security personnel have their own vehicles for patrolling, and they never let the rule broken at any cost.

Security guard Services in Guragon

Close Eye

Our Security Guards keep a close eye on every single moment, and they are always ready to minimize the upcoming threats.

First aid Facility

First Aid Facility

Our Security guards have complete knowledge of first aid and can control every situation.

Why you should choose our best security guards Services in Gurgaon ?

 There are following factors which make us best security guard services providers in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

We have well-educated and self-disciplined security personnel. Who can handle every vast conditions and highly motivated towards their work. They keep a close eye on every single activity in the campus.

1.) Our Security Guard Services – We provide premium, reliable and efficient security guard services at genuine prices.

2.) Recently established company – We VM9 Services, established in 2020. In a short time of approx 1.5 years we successfully saved 1.7k family and business assets as well. Our Security Guards are highly desperate about their work.

3.) Highly Customers Satisfaction –  Our Security guards work totally satisfied the customer needs and provide a valuable security services to their family and business assets as well.

4.) Our Security Experts –  The reason behind our security guards success is our security experts. They are basically retired from army and military forces, and they can easily understand the customer needs and make a team of security guards for every single clients to ensure the security of client.

5.) Number of Services – We provide a wide range of security services in which mainly are – Armed and Unarmed security guards, Bouncers, Parking Management, Valet Services, PSO Officers and many more services.

6.) 24/7 Call support – Our security services team are always ready to help you. We are just one call away.

7.) Updated Security Devices – Our Security Guards uses updated security devices for your security concern, and they are capable to use every updated security devices. 

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